Caged Baby 'Great work from the the Heads of Leather'

Aquasky 'This is totally what is required in my DJ sets to add depth. Cheers :) . . . Devils Trumpet mix is dope for sure . . . will be dropping them nice release . . . bigness!'

Audio Fun 'Really liking this EP. 10 Rapid Remix for later in the night, Devil's Trumpet mix for earlier. Spot on :)'

Russ Cuban 'Nice deepness'

The Loose Cannons '10 Rapid's a proper banger. . . . Into the Club Mix too. Nice package.'

Steed Lord 'Awesome! The original is tasty and the 10 deep is spicy! ...flava!'

10 Rapid 'Loving the Original and Devil's Trumpet mix, chunky and well produced, sounds ace on a big system, will be playing this aswell as my own mix'